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Types of TTS Membership

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Individual Memberships
Institutional Memberships

Individual Memberships

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Full Membership - Doctoral Level - $225.00

Physicians and medical scientists (doctoral level) residing within the State of Texas or Oklahoma who are actively engaged in transplantation medicine or immunology.

Full Membership - Allied Health Professional - $75.00

Health professionals who are actively engaged in areas directly related to transplantation; this shall apply to transplantation coordinators, organ procurement coordinators and administrators. Other such categories as are approved by the Executive Committee. Please email your request to

Corresponding Affiliate Doctoral Level — $112.50

Individuals residing outside of the State of Texas or Oklahoma who are actively engaged in transplantation medicine, transplantation immunology, or organ procurement and who meet the requirements for Full membership.

Corresponding Affiliate Allied Health — $37.50

Individuals residing outside of the State of Texas or Oklahoma who are not directly involved in a transplant program or organ procurement organizations, but who possess an interest in transplantation or organ donation (including those who provide services or products to the transplant community; transplant recipients, family members of organ donors or recipients, or members of transplant-related organizations, social workers, clergy, or anyone who wishes to support the efforts of the Society).

Trainee (for pre-doctoral & nurse training program) - Free

*The Trainee Category requires a letter from the Program Director. Please email the letter to

Full Emeritus*

Full Emeritus membership extends to individuals who have established a distinguished record in transplantation medicine or immunology; it is anticipated that membership of this category shall be extremely limited and candidates must be nominated by the Membership Committee, approved by the Executive Committee, and elected by majority vote of the general membership. For more information please contact us at

Corresponding Senior

Corresponding Senior membership shall be gained by individuals who attain the age of 65 or retire from active involvement in medical science and request this status in writing, recommendation of the Membership Committee, and the payment of any appropriate fees. Members granted Senior membership status shall be announced at the Annual Meeting of the general membership. Please complete the form, linked below, for consideration.

Corresponding Senior Form

Institutional Memberships

Institutional enrollment is easy! Please fill out all data fields on the Excel Institutional Membership Enrollment form linked at the button below for ALL staff that your institution reports to UNOS as a member of your program. The fields on this spreadsheet are the same data fields TTS requires from individual member applications. Please email the complete enrollment spreadsheet to

Institutional Memberships Form

Membership Benefits
  • 100% of Institution’s transplant medical, nursing and support staff engaged in the Society, asking for and contributing to:
    • Substantive Communications
    • Substantive Annual Meeting
    • Strong, networked TTS: poised, nimble and able to act
    • Recognized and Inclusive Voice (all of Texas & Oklahoma)
  • Easy enrollment by the Institution – one payment and application enrolls 100% of transplant staff, including surgeons, physicians, coordinators, administrators, social workers, data and quality analysis's, financial case managers, and other support staff.
  • All staff receive communications from TTS
  • The Institution exposes staff to the larger Texas and Oklahoma transplant community, allowing future leaders to emerge and take leadership in the society, contributing to the “Voice” of the society as well as to their own career

Texas Transplantation Society changed the structure of its Institutional membership category in order to expand its membership to capture the universe of nearly 2,500 transplant professionals working in Region 4’s transplant centers, OPOs and HLA labs. Texas Transplantation Society’s goal is to reach 100% membership in the society to include all transplant professionals working in Texas and Oklahoma, again, approximately 2500 clinicians and administrators. There were many reasons to do this, chief among them being to:

  • Capture 100% of the transplant talent in Texas and Oklahoma, to strengthen TTS for the future
  • Give an unequivocal, recognized and authentic voice to TTS that is rooted in Tex-as and Oklahoma’s interests
  • Provide real value to Texas and Oklahoma’s transplant centers, OPOs and HLA labs.
  • Strong, networked TTS – poised, nimble and able to "act"
  • Substantive Annual Meeting (meeting content, national speakers, relationship/networking/program building opportunities)
  • Substantive Communications (social media, newsletter, President Communications, industry issues communications, etc.)

TTS’s vision is to be vibrant, inclusive, and authentic based on its enrollment of 100% of transplantation professionals in Texas and Oklahoma being members – our goal.